Karoo Banksy

Great Value

We are the only crafter and supplier in South Africa of hand crafted coin rings. Karoo Banksy brings the world-wide fashion trend of coin rings to South Africa.

We take pride in every crafted ring, what an awesome gift!

Be the envy of your friends as you show-off your new and unique hand adornment. These rings are fashioned from a wide choice of silver, brass, nickel and copper coins. Silver is the new gold and is more popular than ever. The use of copper is, of course, a well-known remedy for reducing and even banishing arthritic pain.

Our coins, from all over the world, even dating back to the 18th century, feature individual and beautiful designs. Choose a ring which appeals to you aesthetically or one that memorializes a date that is special to you or a loved one. Our rings are sought-after by engaged couples as they cement their love on their wedding day with beautiful and meaningful wedding rings.

If you are in South Africa on holiday, we pack them as sized sets to take back as a thoughtful gift.

You can either purchase stock items which will be sized to fit, or request a made-to-order ring.

Simply place your order which will be couriered to you.

Mobile : 073 700 4480

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